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Dear McKoy: My boyfriend’s dog bit me while we were having sex

Dear McKoy: My boyfriend’s dog bit me while we were having sex- I have never been a big fan of animals but my boyfriend is. He has this huge dog in his house who will come up to you and sniff and lick you. I told him repeatedly to tie the dog when I came over because I don’t like him and I’m sure the dog doesn’t like me either. Last week we were having sex and somehow we ended up on the floor because we’re wild like that. I thought this man locked the door, but to my dismay, he didn’t and the dog came in and bit me on my shoulder while I was in the missionary position. It all happened so quickly and surprised both of us. We couldn’t even clean up because I was bleeding too much so he rushed me to the doctor. I was so upset because I kept telling him about that dog and he didn’t listen. He showed very little remorse and to this day I’m giving him the cold shoulder. Do you think I’m wrong?
Dear H.L.,
I hope you get better soon but you cannot malice you’re boyfriend for something that wasn’t his fault. Yes he should have tied the dog but I would advise both of you to talk it through and work it out.  I hope things improve.
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Le Antonio’s Foundation Feeding Programme

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