Dear McKoy: My Boyfriend is a Player

Dear McKoy: My Boyfriend is a Player – My best friend and I recently started dating and we decide that we would meet each other’s boyfriend over a double date.

My boyfriend wasn’t available so I went alone. When I got to the restaurant she introduced me to my boyfriend. It turns out we were dating the same guy and he was playing both of us. I sat through the date until it got too awkward and I couldn’t take it anymore.

I told my best friend I wasn’t feeling good and I left. He called me later that night asking me to keep what we had a secret. I haven’t said anything to my best friend just yet.

What do you think I should do? She says she is in love with him but I think she needs to know the truth. While I really liked him this is ultimately about my best friend. I need to know what to do. What if he does this to her again?

-The Other Woman


Dear The Other Woman,

Your best friend deserves to know the truth. If this was you wouldn’t you want to know? The most important thing is that you have your best friend’s interest at heart. Once this is your number one priority.

I am sure everything will work out just fine.  If your friend is really and truly your best friend she will appreciate you telling her the truth and she will be able to

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