Dear McKoy: I think my wife is cheating

Dear McKoy,

My phone bill has skyrocketed and I notice that this one particular number is on the call log. My wife is a stay-at-home mom and it seems all she does is call this one person. When I talk to her she says I’m being miserable and unreasonable and how she’s lonely. She has friends who she can invite over so I don’t know what nonsense she’s saying. When I call the number, the other person hangs up when they hear my voice. I think she’s cheating on me but I don’t have full evidence yet. This is driving me insane.



Dear R.S.,

You are always at liberty to disconnect the house phone since you’re the one paying it. You also need to confront her seriously about who this person is. If she refuses to come clean, you may do what is best for you. Please don’t hurt her or yourself in the process.


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