Dear McKoy: Husband and Wife Buck Up at Same Motel, Who is More Cruel?

Dear McKoy: My husband and I were together since our teenage days. We were both Christians.  We went to the same high school and started dating from there.  I gave him my virginity when I was 18 years old and from then it was just him.  We got married early, when I was 21, and him 24.  He got a post in the church as a Deacon.  We were living a nice and holy life.

I used to love and adore him and thought he was the best thing ever.  When I used to go work, I would hear the females talking about their different sex experiences.  My husband was so against oral sex but I didn’t know any better so I thought it was wrong too.  When I heard the females talking about the intense orgasms they would get, I couldn’t relate because I never felt those feelings.  They use to talk about the different styles they would get but I only experienced missionary style.  I used to think those ladies were walking demons.

I always dressed moderately not wanting to show my curves and I only wore cotton big panties.  My husband was the one who ensured I always stay moderate.  I approached him about me wearing thongs and lingerie at home but he said that’s not of God and I could be welcoming demons into the marriage.  I believed him and just left things the way they were.

We had a girl’s night out at work and I was reasoning with one of my co-workers.  It reached the point where I shared with her that my husband doesn’t want me wearing fitted clothes.  She laughed at me and told me that I should try it out.  We started talking about sex and I couldn’t believe how my husband was holding back from me.  When I got home, I tried seducing him but he rebuked me and told me to go shower.  When I showered and went to him, he did the same missionary style for like 2 minutes then went to sleep.  My mind kept wandering so I went to the other room to watch porn.  I found myself feeling good and felt the urge to play with my vagina.  I realized I got very wet just from watching the man eating the woman.  I resisted the urge and went to sleep.

The next day I went to work I was telling my new found friend about the night before.  She said she would help me to experience the feeling.  We went to her apartment lunch time and she laid me down on her bed and started eating my vagina.  I cried so much and even cursed badwords because I never felt nothing so sweet.  I felt the feeling they kept describing and it was amazing.  When she was finished I was so weak and tired.  She strapped on a dildo and sexed me in ways unbelievable.  When I was done I wanted to feel bad but I just couldn’t.  I just wanted more of the sweet feeling.

After that, I started getting more and more from her and I desired Mr. Deacon less.  I said him and him boring style could stay because I had my kitten to lap me up.  I realized he wasn’t paying me much attention again but I just thought he was occupied with his church business.  When we went to church, I would wonder if his church friends knew he was 2 minutes man.  I would just laugh within myself. Whenever he did pay me attention, it was the same boring scheduled missionary.

My kitten husband returned from overseas so we had to go to motels to get our business done.  We used to visit a popular motel off Maxfield Avenue but this day in particular we tried a different one.  We were there for a little over an hour getting on wild until we got ready to leave out.  As we got out of our room and walked down the isle, there walked out my husband and his church sister from a room looking well sexed.  When they saw me, it was like they saw a ghost.  He had the audacity to ask me what I was doing there.  I told him I trailed him and wanted to catch him red-handed.  Because I was with a female, it looked like it was a friend who accompanied me.  The church sister who was also married began saying it was not what it looked like and began crying.  Now she was wearing a batty rider shorts when my husband didn’t want me even wearing a thong for him.  He began saying he can explain but I just told him to explain in divorce court.

We are in the process of getting a divorce and he has no clue that I was being unfaithful just like him.  My question is now, who was more cruel, me for hiding my unfaithfulness or him for his affair with our church sister?

Identity Withheld

Dear Miss: You are not an easy one at all; you got away because you were with a female.  My answer is that you were both in the wrong in terms of being unfaithful.  To determine who was crueler is difficult because both of you are conniving.

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