Dear McKoy: Career Woman wants Abortion

Dear McKoy: Career Woman wants Abortion [Mckoy’s News]  – I just found out that I am pregnant but I don’t want it and I can’t tell my husband. The truth is, I am a doctor with a lucrative career and I am not about to give that up to become a housewife or mother.

I need your help. I don’t want to go through this on my own. I need someone’s support but I don’t have any friends. I only have my husband.

I need your help right now.

Career Woman


Dear Career Woman,

Thanks for sharing your story!

We can understand why you wouldn’t want to have a baby. While having a baby is a gift from God,  It’s a personal decision. It’s a decision that will require the love and support of a friend or family member.

You’ll need to discuss this with your husband. We believe he has a right to know that he has a child possibly coming into the world.

Open up to your husband, maybe he is feeling the same.

All the best! We hope you make the right choice. Dear McKoy: Career Woman wants Abortion

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