Dear McKoy: Boyfriend Obsessed with Me Licking His Feet

Dear McKoy: Boyfriend Obsessed with Me Licking His Feet: I am 24 and I recently started dating a man in his 40s whose biggest turn-on is getting his feet licked. He has a lot of money and he gives me everything that I want. At first, I never knew he was so k*nky but further down in the relationship he had me doing some things that I don’t even wanna mention here.

I have gotten on board with doing those other things but I really hate licking and kissing his feet. Normally he would want it done during s*x but now he just randomly asks me to do it while he does his regular activities. This makes me feel low and nasty.  My fear is that he is belittling me. Even though he takes good care of me financially, I don’t want to be in a relationship centered on being humiliated. Any advice?


M. Brissett


Dear M: I am sorry you are in this position. Whether one’s s*xual life is adventurous or traditional, if both partners disagree with something, it stops being pleasant and turns into something else. You have to let your boyfriend know that you are not comfortable with what he wants you to do. If he cannot respect that, then he is not the right person for you. You need a partner who will respect your boundaries, because they are much more important than his k*nks.

It’s good that you gave it a shot, but you tried it and found that you didn’t like it. You shouldn’t force yourself to do things you are not comfortable with. S*x is supposed to be fun for both people, not about getting someone “off” and feeling terrible in the process. Your happiness is also important. He should understand that not everyone is willing to do certain s*xual acts. If he loves you, then he should just accept it and do sexual things that make both of you happy. Tell him where you stand. If he doesn’t respect it or puts pressure on you, you should stop seeing him. 


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