Dear Mckoy: All I Want for Christmas is a Money Man

Dear Mckoy:  I am a girl who looks very nice and it is very expensive to maintain my looks.  I spent lots of money to get my instagram model body.  I paid to get my breasts and bottom done.  This is my investment.

When I go on the road, I don’t want no “bruck pocket” men looking at me.  If a man is not driving a Benz or Bimmer; I don’t want them to even glance at this expensive body.  I paid my big bucks to reach in the big league and I want men who can maintain me in that league.  So for this Christmas coming, I want like 3 money men to flex with.




Dear JB: I was reading through your letter and kept searching to find the part where you mention that you are working or seeking a job. 

It is sad to know that you are willing to be dependent on these ‘money men’ to fund/maintain your “expensive body”, as you put it.  Haven’t you read the gruesome experiences of some women who get involved with these types of men?  I suggest that you come off that imaginable high you are on and go seek employment; there is nothing better than an independent woman.


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