Dear Mckoy: 16 Year Old Wants to Run Away

Dear Mckoy: 16 Year Old Wants to Run Away – I recently turned 16. I’m living with my mother, I don’t know my father or any family for him.

My reason for writing this letter is that I am tired and frustrated with my mother’s dirty lifestyle.  She is in a good job that pays her well and takes care of our bills.  She also gets assistance from her family overseas, so we are in need of nothing.

But her lifestyle are embarrassing. Every week my mom brings in two or three different men and sometimes women to sleep within our Home.  And it makes me very uncomfortable because of the way some of them look at me.

She’s very aggressive and barely listens when I try talking to her regarding how I feel about her lifestyle that she is presenting in front of me.  I don’t want to be anything like my mother with her dirty lifestyle. I feel like running away, I don’t want to live with her anymore.
I don’t know what to do. Tash.    St Ann.

Dear Tash.
                 It’s good to know that at the age of 16 you have the ability to identify your mother’s lifestyle flaws and refuse to settle with it.
But you have to remember your mother is an adult and is free to live her life the way she chooses.

However, it is not healthy for you as a girl child and the mere fact that it’s affecting you she needs to listen!
What I suggest is that you try to try relating to her by writing her a letter expressing your feelings and also try speaking with one of her family that you are comfortable talking with and ask them to speak with her on the matter.

Also, do me a big favor. Erase running away from your mind. That won’t solve the problem. Please follow my advice and feel comfortable to write to us again with your update.

All the best.

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