Dear Editor: Sexual Misconduct in Schools Constantly Being Swept Under the Rug

Sexual Misconduct in Schools: How are you?  I urgently need your assistance in getting attention to this matter as it’s been years my family member has been trying without success.

I have a family member who’s currently living in the USA.  She shares a child who’s a US citizen with an individual whom is a so-called “teacher” and is currently on an exchange teacher program from Jamaica in the USA.

Their child was staying with him in Jamaica until my family member got settled.  While staying with him in Jamaica my family member wasn’t getting any good feedback about the child other from the fact that every month she got sick.

So she decided to do her own investigation by checking his email and or Facebook to see what was happening because he didn’t have a cellphone during that time and used those for means of communication.

Upon doing her investigation she found messages between him and a student of his which showed he was in a relationship with this student.  Therefore my family member decided to remove their child from his care, because she wasn’t in league with that sort of behavior.

These messages that confirm they were in a relationship she( my family member )still has in her possession. Note also he was living in a “one-room” where he and the child slept on the one bed, plus had this student along with other females coming by to visit him.

She tried contacting officials such as CISCOA, OCA, etc in Jamaica about the sexual relationship between him and this student but to no avail. She went on to do some more investigation on her own by calling the actual school he taught and spoke to the vice principal.

The vice-principal informed us that the student in question was at the age of consent when it was alleged he was sexually involved with the student, but because he’s no longer at the school and won’t be if and should he return to Jamaica, they won’t report the matter so an investigation can be started .

She went further to state, with regards to the exchange program he’s currently on, they ( the school) had no knowledge of him taking part in this program, which the school has to be aware of, neither did the principal recommend this teacher to go because he never carried out his duties as a teacher while teaching at the school in Jamaica.

He was very lackadaisical and got written up for a lot of misconduct.  Also, he has a very high file with the amount of misdemeanor he has had while teaching at the school.

The vice-principal went on to state he told them he was going to the US for surgery and later found out it was the program he went on.  How and who recommended him, the principal said he doesn’t know but neither her nor the principal made any recommendation for him to enroll in this program.

My family member then asked if the school would make the situation known to the officials in Jamaica and the USA and she said no because the child was at the age of consent and they’re no longer at the school.  Furthermore, the child didn’t come forward at the time to make any reports.

That’s when my family member responded by saying do you expect a student who is in league with his actions and is giving consensual sex to report it?

Whether or not she was at the age of consent does that still give him the right to sleep with his student?  The vice-principal said she understands but there’s nothing the school can do now because he nor the student is no longer teaching or attending the school.

She didn’t give up, she went further to see if she could find any other teacher or student who attended the school while he was teaching there.  She did through the help of other family members who know someone from the school.

One was a student who confirmed the relationship between him and this particular student as well as other students, the other was a teacher who also made it known he was not only with one student he was with multiple plus he was sexually involved with numerous of teachers as well.  He was also known to get into fights with other teachers as well as students.

What’s disturbing to me is that an actual teacher knew of this teacher’s conduct and didn’t report him.  Then again she may have and was told to keep her mouth shut and the top officials such as the principal and vice-principal just sweep it under the rug.

It’s obvious they themselves (the principal and vice-principal) knew what was going on because they keep stressing the student was of age and is no longer at the school. It’s like they’re saying it’s ok now being they no longer at the school. No, it isn’t !! A crime is a crime no matter how long ago it happened or whether the parties are present or not.

My family member has beseeched upon the school to make his fraudulent, unprofessional and sexual misconducts be but they say they don’t want to get involved.

Really??!! What has our country come to where we are covering such acts because we don’t want to spoil the school’s reputation or because they don’t want to be the ones to get this “ teacher” in trouble.
He has slept with half the school both student and teachers,  falsified documents to get to go to this exchange teaching program so as to avoid getting caught, all of this the school knows and yet they say they don’t want to get involved.

What example are they setting for the younger generation??!!  They’re basically telling the youths that crime pays.

I need your assistance in letting this be known to the nation what’s going on in these schools because it’s not right. I’m sure it’s still going on in that same school and many others up to this day,  but the school officials just turn a blind eye.

I don’t know if it’s because my family member is overseas why her constant reaching out to officials about the matter is ignored but no matter where it’s coming from it should be acted upon and taken seriously.

Justice needs to be served and these unprofessionals who call themselves “teachers” be dealt with for their actions.

Also, the school officials who know about the actions of these teachers and turn a blind eye be reprimanded as well.


Source withheld

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