These are the Most Dangerous Sex Positions

(The Sun) – Dangerous Sex Positions: Sex is a great way to get the pulses racing – but don’t get too carried away. Mid-romp heart attacks are four times more deadly than those suffered during less intimate physical activity. The reason lies in the couple’s fear of ­embarrassment at one or both of them being seen naked, which research shows leads to delays in them calling for help. Only one in eight patients survived a heart attack during lovemaking ­compared to half of those whose ticker failed during exercise or sport.


Dangerous Sex Positions: Another study rated doggy style the most dangerous sex position as men were at greatest risk of suffering a “broken penis.” Here, sex expert Samantha Evans assesses the hidden hazards of our favorite positions – the higher the score, the riskier the romp. She also gives safety tips on how to avoid ending up in the emergency room … or the morgue.


Most Dangerous Sex Positions


HER: “There’s a danger of potential back pain for the woman if her back is not supported, and an uncomfortable entry angle can also be painful.”

HIM: “Risk of a broken penis from over-thrusting.”

SAFETY ADVICE: “Use pillows to raise her hips and support the back.”


Most Dangerous Sex Positions


HER: “The biggest risk for the woman is being dropped if he loses balance.”

HIM: “A real chance of causing lower back strain, and pulled neck and arm muscles, plus a damaged manhood if it slips out.”

SAFETY ADVICE: “Make sure the man is strong enough to support his lover’s weight and she should lean against a wall or furniture for support.”



Most Dangerous Sex Positions


HER: “Fast thrusting may cause friction, leading to soreness. It can also put a strain on the woman’s back if he puts his full weight on her.”

HIM: “The man is also susceptible to injury if the action is too fast and his manhood slips out and hits her pubic area.”

SAFETY ADVICE: “Go slow and use a firm mattress.”


Most Dangerous Sex Positions


HER: “Beware of bouncing too hard as it can be painful for the woman.”

HIM: “There’s a risk of penis fracture if the woman puts her weight on the man’s exposed member.”

SAFETY ADVICE: “Take time and stay in control to prevent slippage.”


Most Dangerous Sex Positions


HER: “Beware of face-planting on the floor and also of experiencing lower back pain if the core is not properly engaged.”

HIM: “This athletic position could result in thigh and back strain.”

SAFETY ADVICE: “Place pillows down to soften a fall. The man can also lean on the wall for support.”


Most Dangerous Sex Positions


HER: “There’s a risk of carpet burns and knee strain for both parties, plus lower back strain for the woman as her partner thrusts.”

HIM: “Penis slippage is the problem here — especially when the couple is mismatched in height. It can cause injury if it hits her pelvis or upper thighs.”

SAFETY ADVICE: “Use cushions under the knees and hold on to each other to get more support.”


Most Dangerous Sex Positions

HER: “Staying in this position for a long period can lead to strain on the lower back and neck and cramp in the calves.”
HIM: “He could suffer friction burns or sore knees.”

SAFETY ADVICE: “Support the back, neck and knees with pillows, or buy special sex furniture.”

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