D-day for Morland Wilson, JLP candidate aspirant for caretaker position constituency of Western Westmoreland

Latest Jamaica News [ Mckoy’s News ] D-day for Morland Wilson Having courted the delegates in private for over two years, September 29th, 2019 will be political D-day for Mr. Morland Wilson, JLP candidate aspirant for the caretaker position of Western Westmorland.

Sources close to the JLP headquarters at Belmont Road have confirmed this to be the official date of the run-off against three other candidates. Morland Wilson, A 38-year-old Business Development Specialist, has been shortlisted to participate in this run off and is confident that he is the front runner for the selection, based on a recent survey carried out by his campaign team.

He has been working assiduously in the constituency for the past 2 years. Since 2017, Morland Wilson can be seen regularly throughout Westmorland Western where he has identified underdevelopment of infrastructure and a lack of opportunity and unemployment as the main challenges facing the constituents.

His overall vision is to implement a development plan that will create economic prosperity, community safety and social opportunities for all the residents of the community. At the heart of his political manifesto is training and employment opportunities for young people, improved road infrastructure, development of a creative hub, investment in housing and the provision of much needed piped water to rural communities.

His aim is for Westmoreland Western to be the choice of place to live, work and do business. Based on this work, he can reasonably win the seat against Whykham McNeil at the next general election if he is chosen to run as the JLP candidate.

Morland Wilson comes to politics with a solid CV: he is a businessman and a Manning’s school past student who has pursued graduate studies at UWI. He was Country Manager for the British Council. There, he introduced programmes and policies around safeguarding youths and children, Human Rights, as well as centre piece Education policies supporting the creation National College for Educational Leadership and Jamaica Teaching Council.

He is a former Deputy General Secretary of G2K, the Youth Arm of the Jamaica Labour Party and has volunteered in many important by-elections. It is notable that already Morland Wilson has implemented two skills training programmes in collaboration with HEART, training 240 young people, most of whom are now employed.

He is the current CEO of Prestige Logistics Ltd, a company that imports cars with a focus on electric cars and provide logistic training and business consultancy.

The next General election is constitutionally due in two years. As Prime Minister Holness political stock grows, there are many persons jockeying for vacant caretaker positions for the JLP: Westmoreland Western is a seat that is attracting a lot of political interest.

Speculation aside, the 29th September D-day will prove interesting as the contenders vie for the post of Constituency Caretaker for Westmoreland Western. When confronted with the scope of his ambition to win the constituency, Mr. Morland Wilson asserts that he’s up for the task; over time the JLP has been making steady progress and is quick to point out that the PNP won by just 1500 votes in the last general election.

Morland Wilson certainly has the political pedigree, an impressive CV and the required energy to loyally serve the people of Westmorland Western.



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