Curfew Imposed St. Thomas and Kingston East

A 48-hour curfew has been imposed in sections of the St Thomas and Kingston Easterv divisions. The curfew began at 6:00 p.m., on Sunday, October 30 and will remain in effect until 6:00 p.m., on Tuesday, November 1.

The boundaries of the curfew are as follows:

NORTH: Starting at the Bob Marley Beach at the mouth of Cane River extending north-westerly to the Cane River Falls community;

EAST: From Cane River Falls, a line running easterly through the Gypsum Hills to end at Upper Cambridge Hill Road;

SOUTH: From Upper Cambridge Hill Road, a line running southerly to end at the new South Coast Highway;

WEST: From the South Coast Highway, a line running westerly along the highway to end at Bob Marley Beach.

Persons within the boundaries of the curfew are reminded that during the hours of the curfew, they are required to remain within their premises unless otherwise authorized in writing by the ground commander.

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