Crying Baby Found In Bushes – Video

Footage has been circualting oline of a baby that was found abondoned. The person who found the child recorded the incident on a smart phone and as shown in the the video a young baby was seen disposed of in bush, crying aloud. The video was posted by Don Mafia on his Instagram account with remorse, and It seems as if the child was recently birthed, and the parents of the child could not manage the responsibilities, leaving the child recklessly in bushes.

In the video, the residents that gathered around the child sounded very hurt as many of them were crying while watching and hearing the baby in tears.

The baby was clothed in a red top and pampers and was seen among items looking like rubbish.

It’s unclear when this incident took place and where exactly in Jamaica.

One person commented, “Send me the baby please!!! I will fly and come get her….”

Check out the video below.

The Police were later contacted about the matter however, no other news has been released as yet giving details about the matter.


Crying Baby Found In Bushes – Video

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