Crime: 6 Men Killed, Cuban Nurse Among the Murder Streak

6 men were murdered in the past 24 hours one of the 6 men was a Cuban national who worked at the Jamaican health store, the series of killings continue.

This takes it up to about 18 murders been recorded by the police in the past 72 hours

Lazaro Ortega Borrell, a 42- year- old Cuban nurse who works at the University of the West Indies was knifed to death by unidentified attackers at his home in Vineyard Town, St Andrew just before 7 p.m. yesterday.

The other victims have been identified as Audley McIntosh, 34, of Garland, in St James; Feral Thaw, 50, of Lawrence Tavern, in St Andrew and Carlos Millard, 49, of May Pen, Clarendon.

The other victims were able to be identified as Audley McIntosh a 34-year-old from Garland St James; Feral Thaw 50-year-old from Lawrence Tavern in St Andrew and Carlos Millard, 49-year-old of May Pen, Clarendon.

The police have not yet identified the names of the other two men, whose bodies were found in Seaford Town and along Bay Road, both in Westmoreland.

According to information attain it was said that McIntosh and Thaw a shop operator were both shot and killed by gunmen in their own communities

The police report that Millard, a heavy equipment operator, was shot dead by unidentified attackers at his home on Sewell Crescent in May Pen.

Jamaica has recorded over 1,300 murders this year.

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