Correcting Misinformation Is Costly – PM

Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, says the government will have to carefully explore how best to treat with coronavirus (CoVID-19) misinformation circulating across Jamaica.

Speaking during a CoVID-19 vaccination blitz at the Pembroke Hall community centre in St. Andrew on Friday (September 24), Mr. Holness said the “pandemic” of CoVID-19 misinformation posed a distraction to the government, in its work to curtail the virus’ transmission.

He maintained that in instances where persons convey inaccuracies to deliberately mislead others, the government has to divert or use additional resources to correct that, noting that these inputs “could be used for something else”.

“Oftentimes, the resources used to correct misinformation is far greater than [those] needed to provide you with accurate information; and it is very costly, because there is no guarantee that you will hear the truth or the correction afterwards,” the Prime Minister added.

He pointed out that if  misinformation “is just simply allowed to circulate… that can [potentially] create a collapse [the] society”, noting that this has created instances of panic arising.

“So, it is something that we have to carefully examine,” Mr. Holness added, while praising the many persons who have been vaccinated against CoVID-19 or are taking steps to do so.

Friday’s blitz in Pembroke Hall was organised by the Ministry of Health and Wellness in tandem with community stakeholders.



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