Cops escort women, children from Philadelphia house during shootout

A group of two women and two children were escorted out of the Philadelphia house where at least one gunman barricaded himself Wednesday during an hours-long standoff with police that that left six cops injured.

One of the evacuees told CBS3 she was inside, on the second floor of the home in Philly’s Nicetown-Tioga neighborhood when the shootout began.

“I thank God for these cops they are good people,” the woman said. “Don’t say nothing bad about them, they kept us safe the whole time.”

Police were conducting a drug raid on the house around 4:30 p.m. when at least one male suspect began blasting at them with some sort of rifle.

Some of the officers had to jump out through windows to escape after the gunman opened fire, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross told reporters.

Hours after the shootout began, the suspect was still holed up inside on the first floor, according to CBS3.

Two officers were also inside the home, on the second floor, with three people, the outlet reported.

Ross said he believes the officers trapped inside the home are not injured.

SWAT officers put the group of women and children, who were visibly upset and crying, into a police car down the street from the home.

The six officers who were hit by bullets, including one who had a gunshot wound grazing his head, suffered non-life threatening injuries, Ross said.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said he spoke to the injured cops, who were “in good spirits.”

“Our concern is for them and their families,” he said, adding he was “a little angry” that the shooter could be heavily armed, with so much ammunition.

Authorities have been trying to contact the gunman, who picked up his phone but didn’t speak and instead continued to fire at a SWAT vehicle and buildings, Ross said.

“We are trying to get him to come out peacefully, but he is refusing to do so,” Ross said, adding there’s no indication that the gunman will surrender.



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