Convo with Jessica

Montego Bay- Convo with Jessica (Mckoy’s News): She hails from Kentucky, USA. A beautiful woman by any stretch of the imagination, and nicely put together. Needless to say, if you see her walking down the street, she would turn your head, if only momentarily.

Jessica is her name, and I met her at one of Montego Bay’s finest restaurants, Peppa’s, a place of fine food and drinks kissed and adorned by Mother Nature, where she unravelled her experiences on her maiden visit to Jamaica.

As a Business Woman, she travels regularly and enjoys the finer things in life. Europe and other far off places are her playgrounds, but she was introduced to Jamaica by friends who made her feel as if she hasn’t gone anywhere unless she graced the shores of the Pearl of the Caribbean.

She landed in Ocho Rios and fell in love with the place. She found it breathtakingly beautiful, and the people warm, hospitable and friendly. For the few days she spent there, she had a wonderful time. No complaints…

She transferred to Montego Bay as the final leg of her trip and was immediately shook by the aggressiveness of the people from hawkers to those brutish men trying to force a date. The men were so aggressive, she said that they literally held on to her hands and would not let go without strident protests. She was petrified, turned off, and longed for the charms and quiet, laid back attitude of the people of Ocho Rios. In the midst of it all, she managed to compliment us on the natural beauty of the place but lamented the indiscriminate littering she observed as well as the dirty and unkept streets emanating strange odours… She regrets the abuse of the environment and let on with a bit of envy, how she would love to wake up to this every day. Again, the emphasis that we do not know nor appreciate what we have.

If she returns to Jamaica, it would not be to Montego Bay. That revelation broke my heart because it is my Town, my City. We have a lot of work to do. Jessica’s stories are becoming too frequent and all too common; we ought not to bury our heads in the sand and pretend that this is JAMAICA NO PROBLEM… That is for T-Shirts.

The good of the story, that was an otherwise unwelcome tale, is that after all, she would return to Jamaica, if not to Montego  Bay.

By: Warren Johnson

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