Confession: Jamaican Obeah Wedding Gone Bad

I met this man at a business seminar in Montego Bay nearly 2 years ago.  Because it was the heart of the covid season, it was not much persons as before so the guests got the chance to interact with each other.  We were all wearing face masks so we couldn’t get to see each person’s facial features.  He was quite a charming and intelligent individial so we agreed to exchange numbers.

We spoke on the telephone quite often but I realized he was starting to ask personal questions until he said he wanted to get to know me better.  We agreed to meet up at a longe in the town.  I am what they call a ‘slim- thick’ girl; I am slim but God blessed me with a big natural butt and wide hips.  I am not too bad looking in the face area either so many males would normally approach me but my busy career path makes it somewhat difficult to accommodate them.   Anyways, I decided to dress up classy yet sexy to meet with him.

When I arrived at the venue, I saw him sitting with his back turned so I went over and greeted him.  When he turned around, it was like the world stop; I never realized he was that unattractive.  Since I am not in the business of embarrassing others, I sat quietly and tried to make the most of the evening.  The evening went ok but I decided to cut it short.

I tried to minimize out communication because I was turned off by his looks and worse I also found out that he originated from Haiti.     He kept on calling and texting which I ignored for the most part.  One day while working from home, the Security Guard at my complex called to inform me that a man stopped by asking for me and he told him he doesn’t know that name.  He said the man looked rather angry.  When he gave me the car plate, I pissed myself because I had never given that man my address before.  I decided to block and delete his number.

One day I was at the office and a bunch of flowers were sent to me from him; they were beautiful but I didn’t want them.  I made the mistake of smelling them before dumping them.  From I inhaled them, I just started feeling sorry for him and decided to call him.

From I made that phone call, things just started moving speedily.   The same night, he was at my home and in my bed.  The man had a great body but an ugly face.  The connection during our sexual encounter was terrible; I just could not get aroused.  It was like all though I couldn’t stand the man, there was something over me forcing me to be with him.  The following morning he told me he needed to get his own key; I knew he was moving crazily fast but I couldn’t find the strength to tell him no.  I even added his name to the guest list.  He basically moved in with me now.  He would give me money which would soothe me but I just knew I couldn’t stand him.  It was like I was under a spell because I could not say anything negative aloud about him.

I brought him to meet my 2 girlfriends and they immediately said something wasn’t right because knowing me, I would not be with someone so domineering.  The man would tell me what to eat and would answer questions for me.  The killer part was when he told my friends that I needed rest now so the evening had to end.  All this time, I could not open my mouth to say anything out of the way.  I just did not know what was happening to me.  My friends told me that he must have bewitched me but I didn’t believe in those stuff.

My mother and father came by to visit me and he was there.  My mother is a christian  and she told me privately that she was picking up on witchcraft spirits; I just laughed at her because I was thinking she just didn’t like his looks.  She told me she is going to fast and pray because he is not right.

The money and gifts came coming in but the feelings got worse.  One morning I woke up to a ring on my finger and he proposed to me.  I started crying and said no but out of my mouth came yes.  At that point, I was saying maybe I really do love him.  He started planning the wedding and I spoke to his family.  They reside in Miami although they are Haitians.  His parents seemed to be ok with me and were happy for the wedding but his brother’s behavior was off.  He said his brother was just jealous.  My family and friends begged me not to do it but I couldn’t say no.

One night I got a dream that I was tied up in a pool of dirty water and no matter how I tried to escape, I couldn’t and my to be husband just stood there laughing at me with his mom beside him but the mom looked like a devil with horns.  When I jumped out of my sleep, I heard him on the phone taking creole to his mother.  This was first time I found the strength to say “please God, forgive me and save me”.  I started secretly praying and fasting because I felt trapped.  I was thinking God was not real because I was still not getting the breakthrough, the wedding was still planned.

The wedding was to be very small due to covid restrictions.  His mother, father, brother, 3 of his friends and their spouses; my mother, father, sister and my 2 girlfriends.  They flew in for the wedding the day before and at the rehearsal dinner, all hell broke loose.  They brought a Haitian meal and my mother started praying and the holy spirit took over.  One of the waitress at the dinner joined her and started praying for me.  His family’s face looked so upset.  I don’t know how it was possible, but the dish of Haitian meal flipped over and broke on the floor.  My mother started shouting thank you Jesus for breaking the bondage.  At that point in time, I felt a fresh spirit running through my whole body and I just started praising God.  It was like everything I was holding back came out of my mouth.   Right then and there I called off the wedding.  He and his family were extremely upset but I cared less.  The brother came over to me and said he thank God I escaped them because his mother and brother are witchcraft workers and he knew what they were doing to me but he couldn’t tell me.

When I went back home that evening, I was packing up his things to send to his place when I discovered different vials with oils and powders.  My mom called over her pastor and some church members and we destroyed them.  The more we destroyed and burned them, the more freedom I felt.  I sent his items to his place in a taxi and he sent me a text message saying thanks.  Anything we shared in the house, I got burnt; even my underwears.  Mt parents and friends helped me pack up my stuff and I moved out of that house to my mom.

I am still wondering if he was a ghost because it is like he disappeared.  The phone number he had doesn’t work and I heard he was no longer at his job.  I am now baptized and a holy ghost-filled christian.  I thank God for coming through just in time and saving me from the Obeah Wedding.


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