Confession: Getting Paid to Service Granny

I am a 23 year old man and I am having sex with a seventy-five year old woman for money. She is a retiree from England, her husband died last year. and now lives alone in a huge house in my neighborhood . I usually go to the house and some little odd jobs like painting, gardening etc. A few months ago she boldly ask me if I would have sex with her and she would pay me. I thought about if for a while because I have never been with an old woman, but I needed the money. I finally agreed and she said she would pay me more if I gave her oral sex. Her body is very saggy, her belly is big and her breasts almost down to her waist. She loves when we walk around in the house naked and loves to watch porn. This woman is into some wild kinky things I don’t even want to describe here. To tell the truth I am not sure how I keep my erection when we are having sex. Bur at the end of the day I am getting paid. The money is more than enough to pay my bills and take care of my other necessities. I am thinking about getting her to buy me a nice car.

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