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Coming Soon: Digicel Users Gets A Better Plan “Quick Pick” Says the Mobile Giant

Kingston, Jamaica (McN) – Digicel announced in press release, the company created new mobile plans, which provides its’ customers with greater data, text space, and talk time.

Telecom giant Digicel announced in a press release, they have launched “Quick Pick,” the company’s new mobile plan in Trinidad and Tobago “with great customer reviews;” and will complete rolling out the Digicel Quick Pick plans in Jamaica by the end of February, 2017.

Digicel states, the company implemented the new plan as an answer to customer’s requests for increase in  services.

The company states,

“Digicel’s Quick Pick plans are delivered in three easy-to-understand offers, including three-day, seven-day and 30-day bundles, offering up to six gigabytes of data, 300 minutes of talk, and 300 local text messages,”

The new plan, the telecom giant says,

“rewards customers who go for longer duration — staying true to the simple logic that the more you bundle, the less you pay”.

“We spend an enormous amount of time listening to our customers and watching how their usage evolves as their lives become more digital,”

“This ensures we can provide them with the best possible plans at the best value. So, whether they are a talker, a browser or a streamer, our Quick Pick plans are designed so that they stay connected doing the things they love at the best possible price.”Digicel Jamaica CEO David Butler stated in the press release


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