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Coffee Farmers Protest

Coffee Farmers Protest

Kingston, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)- Coffee Farmers ProtestToday in Kingston Blue Mountain Coffee farmers from Hagley’s Gap protested. They were irate over the price they are being paid for a box of Blue Mountain Coffee. Farmers saw the act as being inhumane and unjust. They believe that after all the hard work and efforts they have put in to give the name the quality it gives off they should be better paid.

One farmer said it was not only affecting them but it was also affecting anyone who would have had the prospect of being hired to work with them. He said that they are now unable to provide employment for these persons and it really saddens their hearts to know they can’t help others out of their situations.

Another farmer said that they are yet to be contacted by the Agricultural Minister Hon. Karl Samuda to discuss the issue at hand but they are not giving up the fight easily. They say they will not rest until their issue has been resolved.

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