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Clive Matherson Death Update

St. Andrew, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)- Clive Matherson Death Update: The male student who had allegedly stabbed his schoolmate to death has been charged with the murder. A story was published earlier this week Thursday about an altercation between the deceased and the accused. It is believed that both boys who attended the Edith Dalton James High School were in an argument when a sharp instrument was used to stab the other.

“I still can’t believe Clive is gone, over what? Some foolish watch!!” disclosed one young girl who was close to the deceased.

According to some who allegedly witnessed the dispute, it occurred as a result of a watch. Many of his peers recall him being a jovial person who enjoyed school. His family and friends are distraught over his death. Clive Matherson is gone but he will never be forgotten by the people who mattered to him most.


Written By: Mikayla Simpson

By Mckoy's News

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