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Clifton Boys’ Home Rebuilding Fund: Boys Home Destroyed By Fire

Unknown Fire Destroyed Clifton Boys Home – Displacing the 28 boys who resided there

Westmoreland, Jamaica (McN) – Fire Gutted the long-standing Clifton Boys’ Home, which housed 28 boys, on Sunday January 15, leaving the residents who are between age 6 to 18 without a permanent home.

It is still unknown what caused the fire.

The boys and their caretakers were not injured but, lost all their belongings and amenities in the fire. They are being housed temporarily at St. Johns Anglican Church in Darliston District, Westmoreland.

Building Fund to Rebuild Clifton Boy’s Home

Reverend Hartley Perrin, chairman of the Clifton Boys’ Home board of directors announced that the Building Fund to rebuild the Boys Home.

He appeals to Jamaicans here and abroad to Donate to this cause.

Where to Send Donations

Donors make donations through any  National Commercial Bank (NCB): Account Numbers are:

611-098-561 ( For Jamaican Dollars)

614-525-185 ( For United States Dollars)

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