World (McKoy’s News)- Classic Signs Of A Cheater: Many partners are quite oblivious to when their spouse is cheating. However, with the help of McKoy’s Relationship Advisers your eyes are bound to be open and you will know if your spouse is cheating.

Here are some signs:

Always busy–  when your man or woman is always showing up late family functions or special appointments and always has the same excuses that seem to make no sense, it is safe to assume they are cheating. You might want to keep your eyes open for the physical signs.

Strange behavior– When you ask about your partner’s day, key details seem to be missing and some things just don’t add up. Your partner becomes confused with the time and details of their activities. Always taking phone calls in the other room or the bathroom.

Coded text messages– you will no longer see simple sentences. You will now see sentences that are actually numbers and symbols. Take for instance;  [email protected]#$ and you have no idea what it means. For all you know it is someone telling your partner to meet them around the block.

Cold shoulder–  Suddenly fails in the communication aspect of the relationship. Always moody and always tired when you want to talk.

Accusing you of cheating– Always asking about  the man or woman you are supposedly cheating with. Eg: Where is she? Who is the b**tch you brought here while I was working hard to take care of our family?

Overcompensation– Always being overly loving and kind or rewarding even when you have not done anything praiseworthy or out of the ordinary.

Learns new tricks in bed– Suddenly becomes King/Queen of the Kamasutra. Even though you had always wanted to try new stuff in the bedroom your partner has always objected. Constantly doing the same old tricks and suddenly he/she introduces you to new styles which you thought you would be learning together but he/she is a complete pro and knows exactly what they are doing.

Less sex– Suddenly your partner loses their sexual appetite. They no longer find you sexy and they are always tired or they always have a headache.

Lies about their whereabouts– Tells you they  are hanging out with a friend but when you call the friend they are not with your spouse.

Physical Signs– He or she has the classic lipstick stain or hickeys on the body. You may also find phone numbers while doing the laundry.


Ladies and gentlemen, if your spouse shows any of the above 10 signs you might want to look into doing some private investigation. Observe, take notes and gather evidence and then confront. Hopefully the McKoy’s Relationship Advisers were able to help.



For advice send your concerns to [email protected]


Written by: Shantel Baker and Mikayla Simpson

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