Chronixx’s Neon Clarks Wallabees Trigger War Of Words On Instagram

‘Everybody’ is asking where reggae star Chronixx got his neon green Clarks Mens Wallabees. Many are also curious as to why he chose to pair the popular footwear brand with a pair of shocking orange socks.

The Grammy-nominated star, who has been a longstanding fan of the legendary British footwear brand, was seen in a photo which was first posted on a fan page, seated on a staircase with two friends, clad in his fancy footwear, plus an orange shirt and an olive-green pair of pants.

Fans of the artiste expressed excitement about Chronixx’s color pick for the Wallabees, which is acclaimed to be one of the world’s most comfortable shoes and holds a special place in Jamaican Dancehall culture.
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“Damn, the shoes of Chronixx are awesome,” one follower noted on Chronixx’s page.

However one popular Jamaican Instagram page which re-shared the photo, chose to mock the artiste, captioning the post: “Jokes aside who teach Chronixx how to dress?’.

The post evoked a firestorm of comments, some aimed at further ridiculing the artiste, claiming he could never get lost in the shocking colours, or that he perhaps wanted to “glow in the dark”. Other followers, in jeering the artiste, said he was probably dressed by comedic deejay Tanto Blacks or the eccentric Lee Scratch Perry, who are both known for being always clad in colourful and flamboyant attire.

However, a slew Chronixx’s loyal fans rose to his defence, claiming he was being original and true to himself as he said he would always be in his song Odd Ras.  They also declared that the Chronology artiste’s sense of style was proof that he was not a ‘yes man’, nor was he someone who succumbs to peer pressure.

“Yuh nuh hear di man sey ‘naw falla nobody’?” one fan stated flatly.

“Rasta don’t dress.  Rasta just wear threads,” taniasoblessed explained, while Sammy bolo stated: “Something called personal style. Fashion should be an expression of your inner self; dunno who died and made you the authority on fashion.  Unnu need fi understand authenticity.  KMT.”

As the debate raged, there were claims that the 27 year old’s style was iconic, but that instead of acknowledging that, his detractors chose to criticize him because he is a Jamaican, but, on the contrary, would embrace the colours if they were being worn by North American artistes.

“Mek one a de white wanna-be rappers dress this (way), some a unu run and start follow it as ‘trend’.  Man still lit!” _blair_blair said.   He was supported by iamifeha who said sarcstically: “If a Jenner dresses like this, it’s Okay for y’all though.”

Amidst the comments were those who jokingly put a political spin on the Spanish Town native’s mode of dress.

“Don’t know about his other outfits, but BroGad [Jamaican PM Andrew Holness] convince him to wear the green Clarks an smaddy from the PNP tell him to wear the orange shut and the socks and him daddy Chronicles tell him to wear the pants, suh this is a mixture of different stylist style,” Rowena_stingaz said.

Source: Dancehallmag

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