Chronixx Net Worth 2020: What Did The Dancehall Artiste Earn So Far?

He’s made a small fortune writing songs against war and in favor of love. But is that really enough for Chronixx to have a high net worth? The answer will definitely shock you.

Chronixx was born Jamar McNaughton in Spanishtown, Jamaica. He is Jamaican music royalty, as the son of the singer “Chronicle.” He was given the name “Little Chronicle” when he first started out in his career, which he then shortened to Chronixx when he moved away from singing and towards dancehall.

But what is Chronixx’s net worth in 2020? Let’s look at what we know.


Chronixx Net Worth 2020
As of this writing on March 25, 2020, Chronixx’s net worth in 2020 was $2 million USD. He made his money almost exclusively through the sales of his music.

Chronixx wrote his first song at the age of 5. The song, which was called “Rice Grain,” was written with his father’s encouragement. As we mentioned before, Chronixx’s father was the Jamaican singer Chronicle, but he was best known as Selvin McNaughton to his family and friends.

Chronixx said that of all the musical influences available to him, it was his father that influenced his career the most. “”My music come from early beginnings, from childhood days. I used to sing at school, in church, and then my whole family sings. My daddy, Chronicle, caused me to be very exposed to music from a very tender age. That’s where the music started for me. Professionally now, that’s when I was in high school. I started producing. Making riddims. But the music go from then until now. When I was 15, 16 I started producing and it was a great vibe for me,” he said.

But it wasn’t until Chronixx got a chance to create riddims for the likes of other dancehall artists, like Popcaan, that his rise to the top began, and his career began in earnest.


Chronixx New Music
In 2014, Chronixx’s music began to take on a whole new level. That year, he won several awards, including the Culture Artist of the Year, Best New Artist, and Entertainer of the Year at the Linkage Awards in New York. Just one month after winning those prestigious awards, he appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, exposing him to millions of people in the United States who otherwise would never have heard his music unless they were hardcore fans of reggae or dancehall.

The next year, he appeared on a song by the American rapper Joey Badass. He also performed at the Glastonbury Music Festival in the United Kingdom, thus exposing his music to millions of people in the United Kingdom. His performance was deemed a highlight of the festival and many Britons received his music well.

But in 2017, Chronixx received his big American breakthrough when his album, Chronology, was nominated for a Grammy Award. He then received a Prime Minister’s National Youth Award for Excellence.

Despite all this, Chronixx has only released one album. That all changed this month, though, when he released “Dela Move,” his new single from his upcoming album, Dela Splash. It’s no wonder, then, that Chronixx has such a high net worth in 2020.


Source: Dancehallmag

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