Chronic Law Sings Tribute To 20 Friends Who Have Passed On In ‘Cry Tears’: Listen

It is often said ‘life is too short’, especially when a life is lost.  For Ackeme Campbell, professionally known as Chronic Law, the same is true, as he wonders what will he tell the daughter of friend who no longer is in the land of the living. So, in an expression of his emotion, the One Family deejay partners with Anju Blaxx to produce his new song entitled, Cry Tears, released on May 17, 2020.

Tearfully, he puts melody to his pain, sharing with fans and well-wishers the emotional loss of friends, bothers, like – Jaemo, Blue Steel, Fry Eye, Ottey, George, Terry, Chuckie, G-Man, Dontae Puffy, Icey, Amas, Tall P, Shawnie, Chrome, Max…

The Law Boss takes his fans into a fantasy land where he is in deep conversation with a colleague of his that has passed on. In bitter sweet emotion, he tells what is happening in the family of that passed colleague and how he missed. In a care that supersedes the boundaries between real-life and the after-life, the ‘Family Different from Link’ artiste asks his colleague to pass on a hail to other friends that has crossed over in the land of the dead.

A very touching tribute to his ‘dawgs’ who are currently on the other side of life. He mentions over twenty names in this track, sending messages of hope, strength and sadness at the thought of their passing.  He even proposes to have two passed friends who didn’t know each other in this side of life, pass on hails and possibly become friends where they currently reside.

As a compliment to his drive and professional aspiration, he goes beyond the regular dancehall topics to reach out in a novel way to his fans who grieve as he does, for their loved ones.

This song touches all facets of emotional intelligence. In what seems to be an effortless delivery, is infused realism in lyrical experience. Listeners may be brought to tears, or deep mediation because of the song’s opening question, “yuh eva a try talk to a family whey uh lose, bout a fren whey uh loss?”

Whatever, the flow, cadence or tone, in this song, almost everyone will be touch by the grief shared in his lyrical emotion.

Listen to Cry Tears below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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