Mr Howell Killed, Charlemont High Math Teacher

Charlemont High Math Teacher Killed in St. Ann Bushes

Linstead, St. Catherine (McKoy’s News)Charlemont High Math Teacher Found Dead: Charlemont High School body in St. Catherine is in shock today, as students and staff learn of the murder of a long-standing mathematics teacher of the school.

The body of a male was discovered on Saturday morning in bushes of Barrett Hall, St Ann, and confirmed to be that of the Charlemont High math teacher.

The deceased, identified as 35-year-old Tanijah Howell of Linstead, St Catherine – was a mathematics teacher at Charlemont High School. According to Charlemont High School officials, Howell taught secondary grade mathematics at the school, for over 10 years. He was last seen at the school (work) on Friday.

Vice-Principal of Charlemont High, Jennifer Gidden stated that the students have not yet been officially told because, this happened over the weekend but, they will be told today in morning devotion.

She stated that staff members are in a state of shock, “We have communicated about the death on the [staff] WhatsApp group,” said vice-principal Gidden.


According to reports, it was discovered the Howell was missing on Saturday morning around 7:00 a.m., when he could not be found, which is not his normal practice. He was confirmed dead a few hours later when his body was found by police in St. Ann.

In an unconfirmed report, Mckoy’s News learnt, the math teacher had a weekend transportation job and was on that job when he went missing.

Charlemont High Math Teacher: Many students are expressing their sorrow on and off social media, students say, the mathematics teacher whom they describe as diligent, caring and knowledgeable did not deserve an early death of murder.

According to Vice Principal Gidden, Mr Howell, she said was a great teacher, and was also was a Christian man who bothered no one.

Gidden remarked that today will be a difficult day at the school for staff and students. She said the school is in talks with the Ministry of Education, which will be assisting with grief counselling for students.


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