Changes Made to Uber Jamaica App after Lessor Partners’ Feedback

● The new feature responds to lessor partners’ request for more information, and thus, greater peace of mind when accepting leases.
● Beginning this week, lessor partners will receive detailed information such as
whether the destination is Olympic Garden or Hughenden.

Beginning this week, lessor partners will now receive detailed information about a user’s destination before accepting a lease. The technology company announced the change thanks to feedback from lessor partners and the improvements they want to see in the app.

With this innovation, Jamaicans who use the app to earn extra in a flexible way will be able to know with greater accuracy where they are going and how long it will take them to get there. With this initiative, the platform reaffirms its commitment to address the concerns of lessor partners and improve their experience on the platform.

“At Uber we constantly develop, invest, and implement technology with the aim of providing greater safety, confidence, and peace of mind for lessor partners who choose to use our app. The lessor partners had expressed their interest in knowing the final destination of the lease before it began,” noted Uber.

“For this reason, in recent months, we have carried out various pilot programs in several cities across Latin America to evaluate and adapt a tool that facilitates this without ruining the user experience. This feature is now available to those who connect to the app in Jamaica,” they continued.

This feature builds on technology innovations available to lessor partners in Jamaica, such as the ability to share leases with trusted contacts; detection of anomalies such as route deviations; audio recording; a button that connects directly to 119 in case of emergency, and 24/7 support.

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