Cayman Islands Government Remains Unclear

Cayman Islands Government Remains Unclear

Cayman Islands (McKoy’s News) – Cayman Islands Government Remains UnclearThe general elections is the Cayman Islands remains unclear.  Former Premier KcKeeva Bush was among victorious candidates in yesterday’s General Elections (May 24) but the outcome as to who will form the government remains unclear.

The party to win at least 10 seats will form the next government, but with 19 seats counted, the tally was nine independents, seven from the incumbent People’s Progressive Movement (PPM) and three from the opposition Cayman Democratic Party, (CDP).  Party Leader Alden McLaughlin and Deputy Leader Moses Kirkconnell won easily in their districts.
Mr Bush – who is leader of the CDP blased the new “one man, one vote” system and attributed a low voter turnout to the new system.

Contributed by: Dr. Collin O Jarrett

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