Cardi B testifies Against Youtuber who Spread Lies on her; Says She Felt “Extremely” Suicidal

Cardi B has said that she felt “extremely suicidal” after a YouTuber allegedly published “false” rumours about her.

The rapper brought a libel case against blogger Tasha K, whose real name is Latasha Kebe, for uploading videos about her having herpes and HPV in 2018 and early 2019.

Cardi claims that Kebe ran a “malicious campaign” to taint her reputation, making what the star calls “highly offensive” claims that she cheated on her husband Offset, had herpes and HPV, worked as a prostitute and used cocaine.

Speaking during the fourth day of the trial yesterday (January 13), the New York artist said that “I felt extremely suicidal” (via Billboard).

Cardi went on to say that she felt “helpless” as Kebe continued to broadcast alleged lies to her almost-1million YouTube followers. Cardi said she had also developed fatigue, anxiety, weight loss and migraines as a result.

“Only an evil person could do that shit,” she told the court.

Elsewhere in her testimony, Cardi told jurors that said she had never felt suicidal before, struggled to be intimate with her husband and eventually decided to see a therapist due to the distress caused.

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