Montego Bay to Toronto Flight

Tourist on Montego Bay to Toronto Flight Goes Bisurk in Mid Air

Orlando, Florida (Mckoy’s News) – An Air Canada, Montego Bay to Toronto Flight in route from Jamaica to Toronto was forced to make an emergency stop in Orlando, as a Canadian citizen, who was flying first class, coming from a vacation trip in Jamaica began to act wild and crazy, throwing items and attempting to open the plane door, in a fit to “take the plane down.” 

When contacted, the crazed man’s wife, Mrs. Courneyea said the behaviour described to her, was not her husband Brandon’s and there was more to the story, because her husband, who she say is a gently man, would never do such things.

According to the United States Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) criminal complaint, Air Canada Rouge flight 1805 was minutes into its flight after taking off from Montego Bay when the saga began and lasted about an hour.

Reportedly, the man started yelling to the other first class passengers “LOOK AT ME,”  then allegedly he took a “wad of paper” and threw it at a woman sitting near to him.

A passenger seated close to the man, stated that after throwing the paper, the irate man borrowed a pen from a male passenger next to him, then allegedly threatened to stab the man with his own pen.

To stabilize the situation, a flight attendant convinced him to move to a seat in the rear of the plane, but the situation got worst as soon as he got to the back of the plane.

The man next grabbed a full hot-pot of coffee and started wielding it at the aircraft staff.

Reports say he then lunged toward the rear cabin exit door and attempted to pull it open.

When passengers saw him trying to unlatch the door, they jumped at him with the assistance of a number of crew members. Tackled him and brought him to a seat to restrain him with zip ties.

Scarborough city, Toronto councillor Michael Thompson, who was also coming from vacation in Jamaica as well, was one of the passengers who held the man down and tied him up.

According to Thompson, who had attempted to talk to the man to calm him down without success – people on the plane where crying and begging for the plane to land so they could get off.

The Montego Bay to Toronto flight landed safely in Orlando, Florida – Orlando International Airport, and he was cuffed and hurled off by the FBI.

The suspect identified as, Brandon Michael Courneyea faces several federal charges and could be sentenced to a maximum of 20 years in prison.

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