Can Community Citizen Associations Prevent Crime & Violence?

Can Community Citizen Associations Prevent Crime & Violence?


Preventing crime seems to be one of the biggest obstacles facing the world these days. Community Citizen Associations may be effective.

Here in Jamaica, it has becomes unbearable for many of us law-abiding citizens, but more so, for business operators and visitors to the Island.

There is hardly anyone living and working in these parishes that are not concern about their safety. There is hardly any suggestion made about taming this monster. Speaking from my experience working and associating with many inner-city and rural community groups over the years, I find it very annoying, wasteful and unproductive to think that crime and violence will be going away by the conclusion of those close doors meetings.

No, it will not, unless we can come up with some meaningful and sustainable solutions to rid this country of the many fears, intimidation and mayhem that is creating havoc here in Jamaica.

With the many crime fighting technologies that have been implemented over the years, none seems work effectively, therefore, we need to look elsewhere for urgent and speedy solutions in preventing crime before any further erosion.  

Surely, if we allow things to remain as it was in the past, most certainly the fun and games are going to remains that ways for a very long time come. Quite frankly, if we cannot reinvent new and more advanced methods of tackling this “monster “- crime and violence, then we are in for a very rocky ride. We cannot have a fun-loving nation relying on orthodox methods of wanting to live, work, and raise families – [in a hostile environment] and, think that it’s okay in allowing the horses to be constantly running after an empty cart.

It Takes A Village…This Remains Faithfully True

Jamaican Street

Had we filled the cart with enough green grass that would later provide a healthy meal for “Rumpelstiltskin,” most certainly, he would be galloping home so fast; knowingly that sufficient food will be available for dinner. Having said that, I am of serious believe that, as a developing nation, we need to salvage all the necessary mechanism that can be used to eradicate crime and violence out of our country.  In order to achieve this, we need to place the right tools, resources and commitment on the table of decision-making. This of course will have to be part and parcels the relevant stake holders; namely, the Churches, Schools, Community Organization, members of the security forces and the state; along with all law-abiding citizens – in the fight against lawlessness.

One of the most successful and more productively sustainable ways of achieving this goal is to vigorously challenge these objectives through the promotion and formation of Community Citizen Associations throughout the length and breadth of the Island, Jamaica. It is my belief that, much more could be achieved if we were seriously challenging these initiatives by encouraging citizens to established community base organizations and neighbourhood watches that could help to form the bedrock of protecting themselves from those young wolves and leopards, which are constantly disrupting their comfort zone and making life more miserable and inconvenient to live.

Here are some good reasons why I believe this program could help in the prevention of further mayhem and hostility among the young and, destitute who are constantly living in fear and uncertainty.  

Once in place, communities would be in a better place to monitor the movement and conduct of its’ citizen. Citizen would be encouraged to register with the association and be part and parcels of what’s goes on in their respected communities. This would include both young and adults alike.

No member of any community should be allowed to conduct business through the relevant state agencies without presenting valued community identification. Restrictions should be levied against those doing business through the purchasing of goods and services that are affiliated with any government agencies.  

Another good that could come out of  Registered Community Citizen Associations is that it would forms a sturdier closed-door approach for entry into the communities of suspicious person(s) from other troubled hot-spots. It will also help to protect landlords from doing business with the wrong customers. When traversing from one place to another and being halted by the cops, your citizen’s identification could easily provide an easier passage home. Whenever something went wrong within the community, the citizens committee should be notified first, including the offending parties.

All these and more are part and parcels of how good and pleasant it would be before the just and the unjust to see the unification of  peaceful and together community citizens, living loving and embracing  each other for one common goal; “A Good Life to Live.” We should not subject ourselves to intimidation and anarchy by devilish serpents that are hell-bent on disrupting the free movement of the creator’s righteous people – by disrupting the earthly kingdom.


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