British Citizen Dies Mysteriously in Montego Bay

Latest Jamaica News, Montego Bay (McKoy’s News): British Citizen Dies Mysteriously 49-year-old Vincent Brissett was discovered dead on Monday, September 3, at his Jamaican home, located at Lot 193 Lorraine’s Drive in Montego Bay.

Neighbors reportedly saw him on Saturday, complaining of not feeling well. They tried to urge him to visit the doctor, but he refused and instead went to the country.

Upon realizing that he was missing, a report was made to the Montego Bay police. As a result, the police conducted a search at Brissette’s home and found him dead on his bed, in a pool of blood.

Police personnel and curious lookers gathered outside Vincent’s home where his body was found

Friends of Brissette said that they believe he was experiencing symptoms of Dengue Fever when he complained of feeling ill.

Brissett lived in England but was vacationing in Jamaica since last Wednesday.  He was scheduled to return to England on Wednesday, September 4.

The Montego Bay police are currently conducting a probe to see whether there is any foul play involved in his death.

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