ASK BELLE AND ELISE- Boyfriend Problems

ASK BELLE AND ELISE- Boyfriend Problems

Good evening Belle and Elise,

I wrote this to ask for your opinion on a troubling matter. My boyfriend likes to go to his best friend for everything. I am having boyfriend problems.

I met my boyfriend two years ago at this club, him did a try look mi but mi ignore him until mi just give him mi number. We guh out a couple times just cause mi never want him feel nuh way. We do everything together since wi start talk but him recently introduced me to his “best friend”, I’ve never heard of this friend fi di two years wi a talk. Mi think she love him off because whenever a group of us go out or just a chill them always calling each other cute nickname and telling stories about they’re old high school days.

And to matters worst the other day I caught both of them coming out of our bathroom sweating and out of breath and I just don’t know what to do or think.



Response: Hi SJ, first off they’re clearly into something. For the two years you’ve been with him and never heard of this friend?  That’s fishy. Confront him, tell him how you’re feeling about this relationship between him and this so called best friend of his. Make your stance clear, let It be known that you wont stand for cheating and lies in your relationship. Keep in mind that you must be calm and collected, don’t assume and do not shout as you would appear to be uncertain and easily submissive. At the end of the day do what’s best for you and what will make you happy…

               With love,

                 Belle N’ Elise ????

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