Bolt Curious About Who Will Replace him as Fastest Man

Bolt Curious About Who Will Replace him as Fastest Man

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Ostrava, Czech Republic (Mckoy’s News) – Bolt Curious About Who Will Replace him as Fastest Man:  Usain Bolt is curious as to who will replace him as the world’s fastest man.

He’s confident nobody will know at his last major race, at the world athletics championships in August in London.

Bolt was unperturbed when asked on Monday if he was afraid of losing his last race before retirement.

“My coach always finds a way (for me to win),” he said. “I’m not worried.”

As for his successor, he was looking forward to the years ahead.

“I’m definitely excited just to see sit and watch and to see who’s going to be the next Olympic champion in the 100, 200 meters,” he said. “There’re a lot of young stars coming up. It’s exciting to see who is really going to step up to be a champion.”

Bolt has dominated the sprints for nine years, and won all of the major titles there are to be won. But knowing he’ll be finished racing in less than two months makes everything bittersweet.

He’s competing in his ninth and last Golden Spike on Wednesday, running the 100 meters in the eastern Czech city of Ostrava.

“Every meet will be emotional,” he said. “I know it will be my last time competing. It’s an emotional season.”

He likes the Golden Spike because it’s a fast track, and the stands are always packed, no matter if it’s rainy or cold.

The only other race he’s scheduled before the worlds is the Diamond League meet in Monaco on July 21. He’s undecided about other races.

He won’t leave athletics after his last race. He intends to remain part of his racing group in Jamaica.

“When it comes to coaching, my coach really pushed me hard to try to get into coaching,” he said. “Maybe next season I’ll be at the track a lot. I won’t be a coach but I’ll oversee and watch.”



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