Rasta-man Body Found Decomposed and Eaten by Dogs in His Yard

Old Harbour, St Catherine (McN) – The Old Harbour Police are seeking information to aid in their investigation of a Rastafarian man found dead and decomposed in the back of his yard.

Police state that the body of a man identified as 47-year-old Carlton Sinclair of a High House, Old Harbor, St. Catherine Address, was found in his yard behind his goat pen, badly decomposed and eaten by dogs.

Reports are that when Sinclair who was a farmer of goats went missing, neighbors visited his home and his body was discovered behind his goat pen in his yard. According to the Old Harbor Police, Sinclair’s body was clad in Red pants, and Blue top, and appeared to have been deceased more than 48 hours.

Police say that neighbors reported hearing gunshots in the community days before the body of the Sinclair was discovered. Sinclair allegedly had made complaints to other residents of the community that his goat farm was targeted by goat thieves.

Old Harbour Police are actively investigating this case.

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