Bloody Trelawny River

Bloody Trelawny River Startled Residents

Trelawny, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)Bloody Trelawny River Startled Residents: The parish of Trelawny was sent in a frenzy on Thursday after community members in Freeman’s Hall district woke up and discovered that the river which runs through their community had turned red.

Several residents stated that this was signs of time as their river has now turned to blood.

The overnight transformation Bloody Trelawny River caught the attention of the Trelawny Health Authority, the Trelawny Police, member of Parliament and other officials.

Mckoys News spoke to several residents of Freeman’s Hall who indicated that they believe that, due to the vast amount of murders taking place in Trelawny, Western Jamaica and Jamaica overall, God has decided to show His people a sign by turning the river to blood.

Contacts were then made with representatives from the ( WRA ) Water Resource Authority and we were informed that they were the ones who had applied a special dye to a section of the river head and it was not blood.

They pointed out that, in the near future a large water project will be constructed in Top Trelawny, therefore, they had applied, the dye to the source of the river to learn more about its flow and the water channel.

The residents say they are not buying this claim by the Water Resource Authority and they are now questioning the fact that no one in the community was notified about this experiment.

Several of the disgruntled residents pointed that, it is strange that the WRA would be venturing on such an experiment, knowing its effects and that it would change a river to blood red and not inform residents.

They are now questioning the river’s safety, whether the water turned to blood or dye was applied to it.

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