Bloody City

I Am Afraid Of The Bloody City

Montego Bay, St. James (McKoy’s News)- I Am Afraid Of The Bloody City: I am afraid to come home to Montego Bay, Mobay turned Bloody City, not a friendly city. These were some of the words many people both at home and abroad said about Montego Bay, with the escalating crime rate that is taking place. There is no other parish with a high murder rate as St. James. So far 256 people have been murdered since the start of the year, mainly by the gun. Most of these murders stem mainly from reprisals, while the police put the blame on lotto scamming. The killing is happening in almost all communities, except Whitehouse which is the most peaceful and most organized community to live.

The gunmen are so brazen that they carry out their acts in broad daylight, shooting left right and center. Several senior superintendents of police have been deployed to the city to quell the violence, but all have failed. One that could be given an edge was Steve Mcgregor. He was more of a down to earth man, who could rap with the people. The citizens are complaining that the Jamaica Constabulary Force has too many police in ZOSO operations in Mount Salem, while other communities have been left to the mercy of these hoodlums to roam and drive fear in many people going home from work.

The citizens are now calling on Montego Bay Chambers of Commerce president, T’Shura Gibbs, to compel the business people to install cameras inside and outside of their business places, and also calling on the mayor and members of parliament to have cameras installed in communities with people employed to monitor them along with the police. Just last Sunday a man was shot and killed along St. James Street in broad daylight. Is Mobay now a Bloody City?

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