Audrey Greeves

Audrey Greeves Says Sorry

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Audrey Greeves Says Sorry: During the early 90’s Audrey Greeves led a flamboyant and lavish life style which was the envy of many young ladies in the second city. She lived in a mansion at Ironshore and was also the owner of a club located at Miranda Ridge called Club Caliph. The club was smashing and attracted a lot of persons from all over Western Jamaica. But after a decade, things took a nose dive for her and she began to head in the wrong direction losing all her wealth, so much so that she took to the streets and drove fear in most of the motorists and pedestrians she came in contact with.

‘She would block your path so much that you would have to give her a money before you could pass her,’ said a lady who had frightening encounters with her along St James Street on more than one occasion.

Audrey would also smash car windshields, bang on car bonnets and spit in people’s face. ‘I want to apologise to all the people who I have disrespected over the past couple of years, It was not intentional, so I hope you all accept my apology’, said Audrey.

Audrey is now off the streets and relaxing at a home on Leaders Avenue in Montego Bay where she is now getting the care and attention needed. She was spotted in town recently meeting and greeting some of her old friends. She wants to also thank her father who is ensuring that she is well taken care of.

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