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Attorney Harold Bradly Disbarred From Practicing Law in Jamaica


Kingston, Jamaica (McN) – Attorney-at-law Harold Brady has been disbarred from the Jamaica legal profession.

On Saturday March 3, 2017, the General Legal Council (GLC) handed down  the decision to strike Mr Brady from the list of  attorneys allowed to practice law in Jamaica.

Mr. Brady was last week found guilty of professional misconduct by a three member Disciplinary Committee of  the GLC.

Bradly was found guilty after investigations leading from a complaint filed against him by the Factories Corporation of Jamaica. He was accused of misappropriation of  funds, while he provided legal service to the state-run Corporation.

In addition to being disbarred, the GLC has ordered him to repay $111 million to the Corporation.

Brady was his own attorney at the hearing GLC hearing, he denied all allegations.

Brady stated in a radio interview that he would give the GLC further evidence that the money was paid to the client, the Factories Corporation of Jamaica.

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