Arrest made in deadly stabbing of 20-year-old woman in Montclair

Arrest made in deadly stabbing of 20-year-old woman in Montclair

MONTCLAIR – Authorities have made an arrest in the deadly stabbing of a 20-year-old woman in Montclair.

The Essex County Prosecutor’s Office has charged 21-year-old Orange resident Ahighah Broomes with the murder of Akirah Townes. Officials say that Broomes stabbed Townes outside a home on Harley Street Friday morning around 6 a.m.

Authorities say that Broomes and Townes were in a relationship at some point. Townes’s family members told News 12 New Jersey that she had recently broken up with a boyfriend and that she was being harassed.

Broomes turned himself in at the Orange Police Headquarters while homicide detective were looking for him, according to the prosecutor.

Townes was one of 11 children. Her family says that she was attending Kean University, studying to be a special education teacher.

“She had dreams. She had goals. She had aspirations. This was senseless,” says brother Tyre Townes.

The family says that Akirah Townes was in Montclair meeting with friends in order to travel to an event when she was attacked.

Witnesses tell News 12 New Jersey that they heard a commotion coming from behind the house on Hartley Street that seemed to have involved many people.

Montclair residents who live in the area say that they are shocked by the news, because they say that Montclair isn’t known for violent crimes.

“It’s very surprising,” says Jacqueline Keker. “I never thought something like that would happen…especially in Montclair.”

Investigators were also collecting evidence from a bloody car found several blocks away on Bloomfield Avenue.


Originally published on News 12 New Jersey 


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