Appropriate Living Environments

Appropriate Living Environments Soon

Clarendon (McKoy’s News)- Appropriate Living Environments Soon:  Recently during a tour of Effortville, Bucks Common, and Juno Crescent this Thursday, Dr. Horace Chang Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation said he would be giving priority and importance to upgrading the settlements.

Several informal urban cities in Jamaica affect May Pen. Appropriate living environments will be provided as ownership of lands for residents by upgrading.

Ownership will mean introducing a program to upgrade the infrastructure thus providing services. It is expected that those occupying these properties will have to pay for their titles. This format is particularly set to be carried out in a few communities but will be done more extensively across Jamaica.Once the  Jamaica Social Investment Fund has invested we will see significant improvements in the area and infrastructures such as the building of roads, water and sewer systems.

Mike Henry Member of Parliament for Central Clarendon, has noted that the ownership of land is necessary for the reduction of poverty. Henry who is the Transport and Mining Minister is expecting residents of the communities to pay for the titles for the land once the acquisition process is completed by the Government. Minister Henry expressed his gratitude to Dr. Chang for having given some attention to these social ills affecting the communities in Central Clarendon.

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