AirFrance passenger makes horrifying, bloody discovery on flight to Toronto

Bloody hell.

An Air France passenger is seeing red after he came across a blood-soaked patch of carpet on his flight from Paris to Toronto — and said he was forced to clean up the biohazard by himself.

Journalist Habib Battah, founder of the Beirut Report, described his horror when he noticed that his belongings came into contact with a previous passenger’s blood.

“I’ve seen a few things in my life, but the horrific blood-soaked carpet on my @airfrance plane yesterday was another level,” Battah tweeted Saturday. “An hour into the transatlantic flight from Paris to Toronto, I kept smelling something gross and couldn’t figure it out.”

He explained that when he looked down, he noticed a large red stain near his seat.

Air France passenger Habib Battah
Battah said he was forced to clean it by himself after his belongings came in contact with it.
Habib Battah / Twitter
Bloody napkin on Air France flight
Battah worried that people on board may have been exposed to a disease.
Habib Battah / Twitter
Bloody napkins and gloves in plane sink
Battah said a crew member mentioned that a previous passenger had “internal bleeding and infection.”
Habib Battah / Twitter

“It was wet to the touch. At first the @airfrance attendant shrugged and gave me some wipes,” Battah wrote about his revolting experience. “In my broken French I told her it smelled like merde (s—). The wipes came up blood red. I used over a dozen of them.”

He said he removed his backpack from under the seat in front of him and noticed that its strap also was soaked.

“I got on my hands and knees and cleaned for half an hour,” the passenger wrote, adding that the crew gave him gloves and additional wipes for him to scrub the floor.

“Then they casually noted a passenger had hemorrhaged on a flight before ours,” Battah continued.

He posted several photographs and a video to document his bloody work.

“Here I am trying to get the blood off my luggage that it absorbed from the airplane carpet,” Battah explained. “The @airfrance staff crowded around, shocked because they claimed a cleaning crew had removed the seats after the sick passenger incident, but apparently not cleaned the floor.”

Battah's bloodied backpack
The Air France crew “casually noted” that a previous passenger had hemorrhaged, Battah claimed.
Habib Battah / Twitter

He said one flight attendant mentioned that the previous passenger had “internal bleeding and infection,” so he wondered whether he and the rest of the passengers were exposed to a disease.

“I really hope @airfrance takes this seriously and can tell us if we were exposed to any hazardous medical/bio water,” Battah wrote. “Chief attendant filed a report, noting sick passenger traveled Thursday from Paris to Boston.”

In response to his viral social media posts, Air France released a statement saying: “Hi @habib_b, this particular matter is being taken into account and you will be contacted by our teams as soon as possible. Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you.”

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