Accompong’s 5th Murder in 284 Years

Six months ago in the secluded country-community of Accompong, St. Elizabeth, a man was shot and killed by police. Superintendent Dwight Daley, head of St. Elizabeth police department, received the call then led a team to the area. Upon their arrival, they found that the victims had already been taken to the Black River Hospital. Some policemen went there while others stayed on scene.

A large number of people were injured in comparison to the usual murder numbers in the community: 0. A total of 6 people were shot: 4 adults and 2 children. One man, Lloyd Davis, succumbed to his injuries.

All while this was happening, another police officer was making a report at the Santa Cruz police station. This cop was seen suffering from injuries to his face.

As it turns out, both incidents were connected in an unfortunate turn of events.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the injured policeman was also a member of the Maroon community.

Reports reveal that the cop attended an event in the night that was being held to commemorate the 284th signing of the peace treaty between the Maroons and the British. Unconfirmed reports say that two men were in an altercation before the cop intervened. His effort to stop the fight was met with resistance; one man allegedly threw a bottle at him, which hit him in the face, injuring him.

Multiple men then attempted to attack the policeman, forcing him to draw his gun in self-defense. Being fearful of the men still charging at him, he opened fire.

Interestingly, the policeman issued a warning against the staging of the event before it was held, stating that it was a breach of the Disaster Risk Management Act. Chief Currie, however, still held the festival, stating that it allowed the Maroons to continue their spiritual journey and tradition like ancestors would do.

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