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Video : A Penis seat in Mexico City sparks global controversy

Penis seat in Mexico City has spark global controversy as the country move forward to end sexual harassment.

Penis seat, though many deem provocative, as it was intended to be, was design in a Mexico City no.7 line train, to stop sexual harassment against women.

Sexual harassment against women, is a global problem and many countries have made advertisement, brochures to help spread awareness about the seriousness of it, but not many have been as creative as the penis seat design in Mexico City.

Such Public Service Announcement (PSA) has gone viral across the world and many are taking the notion that the penis seat is evident to how women are sexually harassed daily.

The penis seat, which as the name suggests, features a representation of the male torso on its back, and flaccid penis on the seat itself. This has gotten quite a rise, from some of the unsuspecting men, who have sat on it.

Penis Seat on Mexico Train
Penis Seat on Mexico Train

The PSA shows men jumping up in surprise or squirming uncomfortably, after sitting on the seat.

“It is annoying to travel this way, but not compared to the sexual violence women suffer in their daily routines.”  “exclusive for men.”

The Mexican government reports, that 65% of women in the capital, have  been sexually harassed on buses or trains, and as the video proves, 9 out of 10 women have suffer some sort of sexual harassment and sexual violence in general.

The penis seat is mounted, and highlights a protruding penis and a chest, to emphasize the increase in such act and what women are faced with daily.

The seat is a part of the United Nation (UN) women and the Mexico City authorities called, #No. EsDeHombres, which is aim to highlight such harassment on public transport.

‘sexist’ and unfair to men. Many are of the opinion that all men must not be stigmatized, as violent and potential attackers of women, and the penis seat just adds to the stigma.

SS the Showstopper
SS the Showstoppper

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