‘A Just Him Me Want For Christmas’ – Mother Of Kidnapped Baby Begs For His Return

‘A Just Him Me Want For Christmas’ – Mother Of Kidnapped Baby Begs For His Return

In years gone by, Aaliah Wray was always heavily involved in Christmas preparations at home. She would help with the baking of the fruitcake, as well as assisting with making dinner. But this year, she has no Christmas spirit. This is because her baby, Nyyear Frank, was forcefully taken from her three months ago.

“I don’t feel Christmas. I don’t feel for no cake, no sorrel, nothing. I’m hoping and praying that before Christmas, I get a call that they found him. It would make me so excited if he returned home … . A just him me want for Christmas,” she said.

Wray, 17, said that weeks before her son was stolen, a friend introduced her to a woman on Instagram (whom the friend later admitted that she didn’t really know), who said that she had some baby clothes for her.

She told THE WEEKEND STAR in a previous interview that she was taking a stroll with her baby along Rousseau Road in St Andrew on Sunday, October 13, when a Toyota Wish motor car drove up and someone dragged her inside. One of the two men who were in the car tried to take her baby, but she fought hard to hold on to him, she said. The man eventually grabbed the baby from her and then kicked her out the car.

‘it not easy’

“I search for him every day; I plead every day to people. The police do not have any leads or anything. I even dreamt that my mother was bathing him once, and I felt so good when I got up, only to realise that he was not here. It not easy. Mi hardly sleep, mi hardly eat, mi caa do nothing fun again,” Wray said.

“It is like mi whole life just turn down and mash up.”

Now, all she wants for Christmas is her baby. She is hoping that the kidnappers have a heart and grant her that wish.

“Mi just want tell them to bring mi baby somewhere where someone can see him and bring him to the police. If dem don’t want to turn themselves in or get catch, just carry him somewhere safe go leave him because eventually, him a go start cry, and somebody a go see him. Mi need him home,” she cried.


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