9-year-old Kymani Hines Stands Firmly to Effect Change in the Lives of the Less Fortunate in Jamaica

Kymani Hines helping the less fortunate: “When I was doing my research and learned about the widespread needs of Inner City Kids and how it impacted them, I was surprised and distraught. This is just a start for how I want to help Inner City Kids make a difference in society,” stated Kymani. This young, visionary leader stands firmly to create a change in the lives of the less fortunate children in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Kymani Hines is a committed and passionate humanitarian who hails from Brooklyn, New York in the United States of America. Kymani, a young, promising, and genuine leader, is the son of a renowned, Jamaican businessman who, regrettably, passed away when Kymani was nine months old.

His father was very genuine. He was passionate about youth development, helping to create sustainability and rendering support to those in dire need. He operated a business that provided employment and financial support to a large number of Jamaicans.

After his father’s death, Kymani sought out his father’s route and learned that assisting others is of paramount importance for the development and growth of a country’s economy.

He heard of the challenges being faced by Inner City Jamaican children and the deleterious effects it had on the society. He understood, based on research that some inner-city children who experienced struggles attending school, resorted to criminal activities as a means of earning money, which gave rise to a higher number of illicit activities in the society. Having conducted further research he learned that, for some children, there was an inconsistency in their attendance to school, owing to the lack of parental support.

In addition, he learned that for inner-city children, scholarships and grants were limited for the funding of their education. He also learned that a high number of inner-city children had to wear worn-out uniforms and shoes to school, which encouraged him to extend the necessary assistance. Having become knowledgeable of all these challenges, he was energized and inspired to render urgent help.

In assisting, he teamed up with a local entity in Montego Bay, St James to host a ‘Back to School Treat’ for approximately six hundred needy children in Montego Bay August 18, 2018.  Kymani vowed to emulate his father and provide assistance to the less fortunate children in Jamaica, as a sign of goodwill.

Kymani is now seeking the assistance of the public to join ‘hands and hearts together’ to help Inner City Kids in Montego Bay, Jamaica make a difference in the society and by extension the Caribbean. Please join and help young Kymani raise funds to purchase bag packs with school items and provide educational grants to those who are in desperate need.

If you have decided to make a donation, you can visit his Go Fund Me page with the link below.




By Ackeem Smith

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