876 Beach Club

876 Beach Club is the place to be enjoy the tropical nature of Jamaica. Every day we offer our guests the perfect setting to enjoy the best strip of sand that line the edges of the Caribbean Sea.

Located in Trelawny, Jamaica, this zone is deemed the most relaxing place you can be at any time. Glorious white sand beach, great atmosphere and friendly and courteous staff are here to make your day an enjoyable one.
So come and join us, sit back and unwind on one of our exclusive cabana beds – suitable for everyone who chooses to use 876 Beach Club as their place to relax and just chill out. Come enjoy the best in entertainment, local cuisine and a variety of drink options that is certain to peak your mood.


From our splashing about in the fabulous beach to relaxing under our cabanas, everything is here for you. Enjoy the best food and drink while being a part of the best parties and events to take place this side of the stratosphere.


Our Daily undertakings are as follows

Monday –Managers Cocktail
Tuesday – Jamaica Night
Wednesday – Karaoke
Thursday – Happy Hour (Every Other Hour 7-11pm)
Friday- 876 Unplugged
Saturday- Bonfire
Sunday- Beach Bum Sunday

Phone: (876) 480-6655

Website Linkhttp://876beachclubjamaica.com/


Please send us your Feedback, News Item, Confession, gossip or Dear Mckoy, Photos and/or Videos to our WhatsApp Number 1-876-353-1389 or Email [email protected]

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