Former Falmouth mayor's wife, Wife of Late Falmouth Mayor Killed

76-y-o Hyacinthia Wright, Wife of Late Falmouth Mayor Killed

Falmouth, Trelawny (Mckoy’s News) – Wife of Late Falmouth Mayor Killed: Hyacinthia Wright, the wife of late Falmouth Mayor Joseph Wright was found dead with her throat slashed at her business place in Falmouth on Wednesday, afternoon May 17.

Police report are that Mrs. Wright, affectionately called Miss Little, who was widowed in 2013 after her husband died, was found at around 4:30 on Wednesday on the ground at the back the building on Trelawny Street, where she sells craft.

The former Mayor Joseph Wright who dies at age 85, was one of Jamaica’s longest-serving mayor at the time of death. He was recognized by the Trelawny Parish Council for the 22 years of service.

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